Success Guaranteed! - "Proof Of The Pudding"

A True Story!

"So, there I was...sitting at my local coffee shop, in full view, wearing my

"Women On The Job – Work at Home! Go Ahead...ASK!" coat, shirt

and hat, sipping my coffee, with a few “Women On The Job”

business cards placed strategically next to me on the

table…Sure enough, within 15 minutes, 3 people

asked me ‘What’s Women On The Job?"  

There it was...Three "Priceless Opportunities" to give a 3 minute overview

explaining WOJ and MOJ and then hand over my business card and

set up an appointment to meet again and present our whole

incredible Business Concept in fine detail.

Or...do it right then and there!

Think about it!...When you wear Branded sneakers, a NIKE shirt, your sports teams cap, or

some Fitness Centers' name on your Jacket, you’re marketing THEIR BRAND!  Now it's

time to do it for yourself,  for your own Men On The Job™ or Women On The Job™

business or service!  Become a walking Brand!  Represent your business, your

service. Make it a part of your lifestyle now! Roaming Billboards" have the

power to replace  hidden fears and Limiting Beliefs with "Relief " and...

unshakeable confidence!

When I left the coffee shop I put my "Women OnThe Job" magnet on the car door and

20 minutes later got a mobile call telling me "she" saw my magnet and asked what

"Women On The Job" was. My destination was my local shopping mall and before

long a JC Penny store manager noticed my Women On The Job shirt and asked...

"What's Women On The Job"?

How do

I become a Member?

Go ahead...ASK!


It's Time to

"Get Branded"!

Learn how

"Roaming Billboards"

will work for you!


Our Mission: “Creating unlimited, perfect entrepreneurial

opportunities to build careers and enhance lives!”℠

The Multiple Income Opportunity Company℠




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