"ROAMING BILLBOARDS" are a "Local, Global Game Changer"!

A Powerful Automated Marketing Real Estate System!

■ Real Estate Agents, Brokers and Investors - Become  LEAD-GENERATING – REFERRAL MACHINES with an

individualized plan.....Implementing our trademarked tools,

strategies and systems that WORK to make you MORE MONEY.....  Make small shifts between closings that yield HUGE RESIDUAL INCOME results and Develop NO SELLING NETWORKING skills that earn MORE money in less time!

These Business Cards are typical "First Contact Tools" used by Members whose "Recruiting"

& "Business Networking" intrigues Real Estate Brokers and Agents,"Stoking" interest in

potentially profitable BUSINESS to BUSINESS "Referrals"! (?)  The message on the back

is carefully worded to interest "Potential Members" in New,"Profitable  Relationships"!

The largest Transfer image is approximately 11.5 inches wide

for full front or back. The smaller Transfer can be 4.5 inches wide.

Welcome!     CEOs     Stay at Home Moms     Baby Boomers     Professionals     Networkers     Sales     Entrepreneurs      Seniors

Agents/Brokers     Hair/Nails     Salon/Spa/FitnessTeachers     Marketing Directors     Franchise Owners    Health/Medical - and you!

It and the other examples below are used for left or right chest, caps and all other appropriate garments. All Transfer images may be applied

to any garment and used on all

printable materials such as Business Cards, Car Magnets


I'm an Independent Partner/Member of

"WomenOnTheJob.com" and  a licensed

New York State Real Estate Agent! I will help you to work from home, earning $200 - $20,000+ monthly RESIDUAL INCOME P/T. We members abide by our Code of Ethics/Code of Conduct. Connecting with the  "Right People" defines the "Right Network"!


I'm an Independent Partner/Member of

"MenOnTheJob.com" & Owner of Queens Appliance

Repair Inc.  CALL ME!  I help folks like you work from

home earning $200 -$20,000 RESIDUAL  INCOME per month, P/T!   Members abide by our

Code of Ethics/Code of Conduct.

I'm pleased to refer Members, Attorneys, Contractors,

Auto Locators, Detailers and all Appraisers and Service Providers involved in the Real Estate Industry!


666-777-5678  email: scottrepair@aol.com

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The Multiple Income Opportunity Company℠

Our Mission: “Creating unlimited, perfect entrepreneurial

opportunities to build careers and enhance lives!”℠



Learn to Earn

Ann Fink - Real Estate Agent Serving Queens

234-567-8990  email: annrealtor@gmail.com

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